Air-Tite Direct Fit H38 Coin Holder for US Dollar Coins

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This holder provides a secure grip on coins with a inside diameter of 38.1mm and a thickness of 3.17mm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Air-Tite holders guarantee a snug fit tailored to the specific coin they're designed for. Protect your investment with our precise, reliable direct fit holders, ensuring your coins remain securely preserved for years to come.

Holder Measurements
Inside Diameter: 1.50in (38.1mm)
Outside Diameter: 1.75in (44.45mm)
Inside Depth: 0.125in (3.17mm)
Outside Thickness: 0.212in (5.4mm)

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Air-Tite Direct Fit H38 Coin Holder for US Dollar Coins Specs

Made to Fit:

  • Eisenhower Dollar
  • Morgan Dollar
  • Peace Dollar
  • Trade Dollar
  • Liberty Seatead Dollar
  • Modern 1oz Silver Commemoratives


  1. Inside Diameter: 1.50in (38.1mm)
  2. Outside Diameter: 1.75in (44.45mm)
  3. Inside Depth: 0.125in (3.17mm)
  4. Outside Thickness: 0.212" (5.4mm)

Coin Size:

  1. Coin Diameter: 38mm

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