Air-Tite Coin Holder Information

Our holders are manufactured from acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent to produce a highly durable, crystal clear holder. Each holder and ring are PVC free. The holder consists of two pieces: a snap together cover and base. We manufacture six main sizes of holders (A, T, H, I, X, and Y) with rings available in a variety of sizes. The rings provide incredible versatility with a selection of over 30 ring sizes and two colors to choose from. The rings come in black or white and are made of an inert cross linked polyethylene, which is a plastic material and serve the following purposes; to secure the coin the in holder, create a barrier against air contamination and presents an attractive border to accent the coin.
One other thing you need to know!
Each individual holder purchased directly from Air-Tite Holders, Inc. is factory sealed through our blister packaging system to protect the holders from dust, scratches, moisture and oil caused by fingerprints through handling. Many coin supply dealers carry our factory sealed individual holder products and others will purchase our holders in bulk at a greater discount then repackage them in another fashion that may cause a higher percentage of the problems mentioned above.

   Air-Tite Ring Type coin holders are available in six sizes. 
The (A) size holder fits 10mm ~ 19mm rings.
The (T) size holder fits 20mm ~ 25mm rings.
The (H) size holder fits 26mm ~ 32mm rings.
The (I) size holder fits 33mm ~ 42mm rings.
The (X) size holder fits 38mm ~ 44mm rings.
The (Y) size holder fits 43mm ~ 60mm rings.

The 1 oz. BAR holder size is designed as a direct fit holder for 1 oz. silver bars but has rings and wafer inserts available also in the colors of black or white.