United States Coin Sizes

Coin Type Coin Diameter Ring Type Holder Direct Fit Holder
$1 Gold (Type 1) 13mm 13mm n/a
Three Cent Silver 14mm 14mm n/a
Half Dime (1829-1873), $1 Commemorative Gold, $1 Gold (Type 2 & 3)(1854-1889) 15mm 15mm n/a
Half Dime (1794-1805) 16mm 16mm n/a
Half Dime (1794-1805) 16.5mm 16mm n/a
US Dime (1829-present) 17.9mm 18mm A18
Three Cent Nickel, $2 1/2 Gold (1840-1929) 17.9mm 18mm n/a
$2 1/2 Gold Capped head to left (reduced diameter)(1829-1839) 18.2mm 18mm n/a
$2 1/2 Gold Capped head to left (1829-1834) 18.5mm 18mm n/a
US Cent (1858-present) 19mm 19mm A19
Bust Dime (1796-1828) 19mm 19mm n/a
Shield Nickel, $2 1/2 Gold (1796-1828), $3 Gold 20mm 20mm n/a
Liberty, Buffalo and Jefferson Nickel 21.2mm 21mm A21
$5 Gold (1840-1929) 21.6mm 22mm n/a
Half Cent Liberty Cap (1793), 20 Cent Piece (1875-1878), $4 Gold Stella 22mm 22mm n/a
$5 Gold (1834-1840) 22.5mm 22mm n/a
Half Cent (1794-1857), Two Cent 23mm 23mm n/a
$5 Gold (1829-1834) 23.8mm 24mm n/a
US Quarter (1828-present) 24.3mm 24mm A24
$5 Gold (1795-1829) 25mm 25mm n/a
Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea and presidential Dollar 26.49mm 26mm A26
First Spouse Gold, Large Cent Chain, Large Cent Wreath 26.49mm 26mm n/a
Lg. Chain Cent Cornet (1837-1857), Quarter (1796-1828), $10 Gold (1838-1933) 27mm 27mm n/a
Lg. Cent Wreath (Lg. Cent Cornet (1816-1836) 28mm 28mm n/a
Lg. Cent Liberty Cap (1793-1796), Lg. Cent Bust (1796-1807) 29mm 29mm n/a
Lg. Cent Classic (1808-1814), Lg. Cent Cornet (1816-1836)
Us Half Dollar (1837-present) 30.6mm 30mm T30
1 oz. Gold Buffalo 32mm 32mm H32
US Half Dollar (1794-1836), 1/2 oz. Silver Round, 1/2 oz. Liberty Dollar 32mm 32mm n/a
$10 Gold (1795-1804), First Spouse Bronze Coin 33mm 33mm n/a
$20 Gold (Liberty & St. Gaudens) 34mm 34mm H34
$7 Silver Strike 37mm 37mm n/a
Modern 1 oz. Silver Commemoratives 38mm 38mm n/a
Liberty Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower Dollar 38.1mm 38mm H38
US Dollars (1794-1839~measure to make sure) 39mm 39mm n/a
US Dollar (1794-1839~measure to make sure), $50 Gold Commemorative, 40mm 40mm n/a
1 oz. Silver Buffalo
American Eagle Silver Dollar 40.6mm 40mm H40

American Eagle Gold & Platinum

Coin Type Coin Diameter Ring Type Holder Direct Fit Holder
1/10 oz. American Eagle Gold ($5), 1/10 oz. Platinum Eagle ($10) 16.5mm 16mm A16
1/4 oz. American Eagle Gold ($10), 1/4 oz. Platinum Eagle ($25) 22mm 22mm A22
1/2 oz. American Eagle Gold ($25), 1/2 oz. Platinum Eagle ($50) 27mm 27mm H27
1 oz. American Eagle Gold ($50), 1 oz. Platinum Eagle ($100) 32mm 32mm H32
American Buffalo $50 Gold 32mm 32mm H32