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Air-Tite Holders History

Inventor and Founder Norman W. Therrien has a vision

Norman had a vision "to provide a solution to an age old problem." This problem was protection for many different sizes of world coins and medallions. The expense of creating a holder for every size coin produced made this an unrealistic endeavor.

Air-Tite Holders History

North Adams Facility

In 2003 Air-Tite Holders, Inc purchased a 22,000 square foot building in North Adams, MA and now manufactures 100% of it's individual holders for bullions, coins, medallions, tokens and casino chips. 

Air-Tite Holders History

Ultra PRO Acquires Air-Tite

Glenn Therrien, President of Air-Tite Holders, commented, "With Ultra PRO's deep manufacturing experience, we are confident that as my family and I look towards retirement, Air-Tite has the right partner to step into its next phase of growth."


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