Air-Tite H39 Coin Holder with 32mm Black Ring for US Half Dollar Coins

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Foam: Black Foam
Our Black Ring Air-Tite coin holders are a top choice for a reason—they're all about keeping your coins snug and secure. Crafted from durable clear acrylic, each Air-Tite features a sturdy black inner ring that holds your coin firmly in place. Whether it's a 1 oz. ($50) Gold Eagle, 1/2 oz. ($5) Silver Liberty, or a 1 oz. $50 Gold Buffalo Coin, these capsules have got you covered.

Holder Measurements
Inside Diameter: 1.55in (39.37mm)
Outside Diameter: 1.75in (44.45mm)
Inside Depth: 0.125in (3.17mm)
Outside Thickness: 0.212in (5.4mm)

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Air-Tite H39 Coin Holder with 32mm Black Ring for US Half Dollar Coins Specs

Made to Fit:

  • 1oz Gold Buffalo
  • Half Dollar (1794-1836)
  • 1/2oz Silver Round
  • 1/2oz Liberty Dollar
  • 1oz American Eagle Gold ($50)
  • 1oz Platinum Eagle ($100)
  • 1oz Lunar Gold Series 1
  • 1oz Gold Nugget
  • 1oz Gold Kangaroo
  • 1oz Australian Platinum Platypus
  • British Silver Half Crown
  • Irish Silver Half Crown
  • Canadian One Dollar (1968-1986)
  • 1oz Gold Panda
  • 1/2oz Silver Fiji Taku
  • 1oz Gold Krugerrand


  1. Inside Diameter: 1.55in (39.37mm)
  2. Outside Diameter: 1.75in (44.45mm)
  3. Inside Depth: 0.125in (3.17mm)
  4. Outside Thickness: 0.212" (5.4mm)

Coin Size:

  1. Coin Diameter: 32mm

Ring Size:

  1. Ring Diameter: 32mm

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