Company History

A family owned and operated business since 1980.
(1929 - 1997)
The inventor and founder, Norman W. Therrien, had a vision "to provide a practical solution to an age old problem." This problem was protection for many different sizes of world coins and medallions. The expense of creating a holder for every size coin produced made this an unrealistic endeavor. Even today many companies only produce holders for the common coins, leaving a huge gap in providing protection for all other sizes. The solution was a small grouping of holders with each being able to house many different sizes. This is accomplished by using the ring system Norm developed to fit into six standard holders. Now every coin minted in the United States and nearly all coins and medallions from around the world can be housed in these holders.
Norm started this business utilizing space within his own home while subcontracting the production of holders to molding companies. Through the 1980's, the company saw expansion to multiple facilities, in the 1990's the consolidation of the operation to a single 10,000 square foot location took place and the company began molding it's own holders. In 2003 Air-Tite Holders, Inc purchased a 22,000 square foot building in North Adams MA and now manufactures 100% of it's individual holders for bullions, coins, medallions, tokens and casino chips. 
Air-Tite Holders, Inc. prides itself in manufacturing some of the finest holders available in the market today. Our products are purchased by collectors, coin dealers, supply companies, marketing firms, government and private mints worldwide. The company continues to strive toward providing quality products for the protection of your collection with the exception of our wood presentation cases and vinyl flips, our products are made and assembled in the USA

                                                                Ann Tanner, Glenn Therrien, Scott Therrien